I began writing music as a young child — creating simple melodies on the piano back when I could hardly reach the keys. I would play them over and over again for hours, eager to show family and anyone else who would humor me by lending an ear. I then spent my teenage years playing guitar and singing in bands, without any ambition of doing it professionally one day.

It wasn’t until several years ago that the idea of writing music for picture was even a thought I’d had. I’ve always been drawn to cinematic music — and when I realized I could experiment with sonic textures using some of the tools available today digitally, it opened up a new world of possibilities. I fell in love with the process of scoring films, video content and writing music to be made available for licensing. Since that time, I have been fortunate enough to write music for some of the worlds most well known brands and companies.

I would love to discuss your project and any musical needs you may have.

Previous clients and collaborators include: Nike, Hurley, BMW, National Geographic, T-Mobile, Pendleton, Oliver Peoples, Jockey and others.

The Canoe — Goh Iromoto — Music for the trailer + film

Tsavo Trust — Goh & Courtney Iromoto — Music for the trailer + film

Captains of Spaceship Earth — Leonardo Dalessandri — Music for the film

The Life You Want — The Government of Canada — Music for the campaign

View From a Blue Moon — John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny — Music for the film

Hurley X Pendleton — Blake Vincent Kueny — Music for the campaign

Jockey — Show ‘Em What’s Underneath campaign featuring ‘Michaela DePrince’ — Music for the campaign

The Rewind Ep. 1 — Latavius Murray — Music for the film

Dance — John-Michael Triana — Music for the trailer + film

A Crimson Man — Mike Pappa — Music for the film

Always a Fan, Ann — Column Five — Music for the film

The Space Between — Taren Maroun — Music for the trailer + film